Production Photos 

As “Ophelia” in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Directed by John Basil / New York Live Arts / October 2018

As “Essie” in Parade

Directed by Roger Ellis / Marymount Manhattan College / March 2018

As “Gloria” in Summer of ‘42

Directed by Brendan Stackhouse / Little Victory Theatre / July 2017


As “Ralph” in Kiss Me, Kate

Directed by Bethany Christine Elkin / Marymount Manhattan College / March 2017

17493235_832121766926980_3895648113455267690_o (1).jpg

As “Lacey” in Motel Rasdell: A Musical (World Premiere)

Directed by Kim Cook and Brendan Stackhouse / Lowell Memorial Auditorium / July-August 2015